Final post . . . here.

This is the last post I'm doing on this blog. I've started a new one. I'm not going to delete this one, just because I don't want to lose what I've written.

The new blog is here:

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The Prodigal

I can't say with any surety that this post will be the rekindling of my blogging passion, but it's a post.

My last post was in November. A lot has happened since then. I was working at the YMCA up until a couple weeks ago, when I was wrongfully fired. The director hates me. I know that sounds like a lame and childish reaction, but I assure you: this woman DOES NOT like me. The reasons they gave me were twofold: (1) "Decreased work performance." Here's the rebuttal for that one: I was a peon. They gave me ZERO responsibility, so once I had learned everything (and there was no room to grow), naturally my learning curve would level out. Then they restricted my duties further, switching to a severe micromanaging style that would make anyone cringe. As one person phrased it: They killed my spirit, then fired me for not having enough spirit. Obviously, I would get bored. One such day (and this is reason 2), I created a fictional member account for the Dr. Seuss character Star Bellied Sneetch. Now, there are two kinds of member accounts in the computer system of the YMCA. One is a standard, active membership - these get billed, have membership cards, etc. The other kind is called a "Program Participant" account. These never pop up unless you specifically search for that member. They don't contain billing information and don't have membership dues to pay. They are for all extents and purposes nonentities. The Star Bellied Sneetch was just such a nonentity. Michelle (the cow) has no sense of humor for things like this, and cited it as the final straw.

All is not lost however. I have been in the process of applying to the Norfolk, VA Police Academy. I passed the written and physical portions of the entrance exam, feel strongly about the personality screening, and should be hearing within the next week about a time I can go in and take the Polygraph test. Assuming I don't surprise myself and turn out to be a horrible liar, I would progress to the next (and final) step before admittance to the academy: a panel interview. I'm quite optimistic that things will continue to go well, which is exciting for more than just the fact that I would again be gainfully employed. I have never wanted a job so badly in my life. I think I would do quite well as a police officer, and see it becoming a career.

All that is well and good, but the Academy doesn't start until somewhere between May and July, which means I need temporary income. Any ideas - maybe something I could do from home . . . . I'm getting desperate. Money has been all but nonexistent since I started that stupid window washing company in November '07. Hopefully, things will soon change. I would love to stop ignoring the bill collectors' phone calls and living in fear of having one utility or another shut off.


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